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Viskon 1-Day Iridescent Gray

Viskon 1-Day Iridescent Gray

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  • Color Your Perspective
  • Comfort Assured
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Let your eyes shine with sophistication, telling unique stories of charm and elegance.

These lenses are inspired by the dazzling allure of the galaxy, designed to not only enhance your eyes' natural beauty but to also captivate with a design reminiscent of a starry night.

Featuring a gentle limbal ring and vibrant color strips, creating a stunning cosmic effect that draws attention and intrigue. Wearing them is like holding the mysteries of the galaxy in your eyes, offering a glimpse into the unique stories and secrets they hold.

Beyond their striking appearance, these lenses prioritize comfort and safety, made from top-quality materials that allow your eyes to breathe, stay moist, and feel refreshed all day.



Product Specification

Frequency1 Day
Graphic DIA13.9mm
Water Content38%
Power -0.00 (Plano)
-0.75 to -5.00D (-0.25 steps)
-5.00 to -8.00D (-0.50 steps)
MaterialSilicone Hydrogel

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Our Technology

  • AquaClarity System

    Experience all-day hydration with AquaClarity technology. Our lenses maintain moisture for lasting comfort and clear vision, preventing dry eyes.

  • ChromaDepth Layers

    Discover vibrant, natural eye colors with ChromaDepth Layers. This technology layers tints to add depth and enhance your iris with subtle, realistic transitions.

  • AirFlow+ Permeability

    Experience unmatched breathability with AirFlow+ technology, permitting up to five times more oxygen flow, boosting eye health and comfort for extended wear.