Contact Lens Guide - Wearing

Proper wearing and removal, both are important for contact lenses.

Following instruction will help you protect your eyes.

Step 1

Wash your hands with soap and wipe your hands with a dry towel

Step 2

Put the contact lens on the tip of the right index finger

Step 3

Hold the upper eyelid with one hand so that it does not blink, and hold the lower eyelid with the other hand. Then gently pull it down

Step 4

Slowly insert the contact lens at the end of the index finger into the eye

Step 5

After the contact lens is in contact with the eye, gently let go of the upper and lower eyelids to blink the eye so that the contact lens does not come out


  • Follow the instruction after a professional examination by experts
  • Be cautious not to damage soft contact lenses with your nails
  • Make sure soft contact lenses are always clean because they contact your eyes directly