Viskon Basics Dazzling Choco


Mix and match your wardrobe essentials with Viskon’s Basics collection. It’s all about feeling confident and looking good with basic design that will never go out of style. Thanks to its premium material silicone hydrogel, it keeps your eyes moisturised and comfy all day long. Not only it’s an everyday casual contact lenses but basic essential for modern woman with clear sense of simplicity. Available in 3 basic shades to accommodate all your fashion needs.




Silicone Hydrogel

Does your eyes need an increased level of comfort and hydration? Sounds like a job for Basics. Made with Silicone Hydrogel, it helps to ensure that your lenses remain fresh and hydrated throughout their entire wearing cycle.

Soft Limbal Ring

A perfectly-proportioned combination of neutral color and soft limbal ring is the strength behind Basics natural looking secrets.


Graphic DIA13.9mm
Water Content42%
Power-0.00 (Plano)
-0.50 to -6.00D (-0.25 steps)
-6.00 to -10.00D (-0.50 steps)
MaterialSilicone Hydrogel

Additional information

Base Curve

BC 8.6mm


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